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Internet with maximum speed and stable is the desire of every Android smartphone users. Who does not want to have hp internet speed many times, certainly dong you all want. Unfortunately, although already using a smartphone with the best network support at this time is not a guarantee you can get it. Yes, there are many things that trigger the internet on your smartphone to be slow.

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Actually, there are many ways to increase internet connection speed on a smartphone, one of which is emptying the cache. Besides also can slow down, cache can also slow the performance of smartphones, cache that increasingly accumulate because it is not cleaned can interfere with the stability of internet connection. Well, here is the most telling way that you can apply to overcome the problem of slow internet in your favorite hp respectively.

1. Best Internet Package

Before speaking the device you use, make sure you have purchased the best and fastest internet package in your area. Therefore, each region is not the same network coverage. It is a good idea to find out whether the internet package provided by your preferred operarot is available and can work well in your place of residence.

2. Block Ads

It is undeniable that the existence of ads can make the use of quotas to be wasteful. Ads can suck up to 80 percent quota. Its presence in a website or blog can also slow down your internet. Hence, to speed up internet connection in your favorite hp, you try to block the ads.

To block ads on the internet, you can choose a browser application that already supports this feature, one of which is UC Browser. This is already supported with Ad Blocker. Similar to UC Browser, Opera Browser is also equipped with similar features, namely AdAway.

3. Compressing the Image

The rapid development of technology today, making the browser developers provide advanced features to save internet quota of its users. This feature is then known as Data Saving.

In addition to saving quotas, saving data also works to speed up internet connection also loh. This dikeranakan saving data will disable the image charge or compress images on the browser to the smallest size, so the loading process becomes faster.

4. Delete the Cache

Well, as I've mentioned a little above, cache also become the trigger slow internet on your phone. The more applications you have installed, will leave the garbage that if ignored will be greater and make smartphone performance becomes slow or slow. In addition to performance, cache that accumulate will also make the process of paying data becomes slow.

To speed up your hp connection , make sure you clear the cache every day. How, please go to the settings - cache - storage - then delete the cache . You can also use third-party applications that you can download to clear cache on your favorite smartphone.

5. Using the 3G / 4G Speed ​​Optimizer Application

For those of you whose smartphone is already in the root, you can speed up internet connection up to 250% using third party applications, ie 3G / 4G Speed ​​Optimizer application. This application works by providing special tweaks that give you the freedom to set and choose internet connection speed

By applying the above ways, guaranteed experience of your internet through hp smartphone Android will become more fun and anti slow. How easy is not how to speed up internet connection on Android this? Hopefully these tips and tricks can help you all.
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Android P 9.0: the list of compatible smartphones

Android P 9.0 is available in a first Developer Preview version since March 7, 2018. The beta is released on a limited number of smartphones on May 7, 2018. Find here the list of all smartphones that are or will be compatible with Android P. We will update it with all the models that will be entitled to a deployment of the last Google OS and with the smartphones that will ship it natively. Five Developer Preview are scheduled between March and July 2018, for a final release confirmed in the third quarter of the year, certainly in August.

Google has released the first version Developer Preview for Android P 9.0 . We provide in this article the list of all smartphones that are confirmed compatible with Android P , either through the deployment of an update or Android P is natively present on the smartphone. For the moment, we know that Google's pixels are of course concerned. This year, Google will drop some Nexus: Nexus 5X and 6P will not receive the update to Android P .

Android P 9.0: the list of compatible smartphones

Android P 9.0 is expected to have better support from Project Treble than Android Oreo. We expect to see, but we should in theory see better software monitoring on the part of manufacturers. We hope that they will play the game of updates, while we were disappointed by the low rate of adoption of Android Oreo. To check which smartphones will surely receive Android P, we invite you to consult the list below. The marks are arranged in alphabetical order.


Zenfone 5 (planned update)


Essential PH-1 (beta available)


Pixel (beta available)
Pixel XL (beta available)
Pixel 2 (beta available)
Pixel 2 XL (beta available)


HTC U11 (planned)
HTC U11 Life (planned)


Honor 9
Honor View 10
Honor 10


Huawei P20
Huawei P20 Pro
Huawei P20 Lite
Huawei Mate 10
Huawei Mate 10 Pro
Huawei P10


Nokia 2.1 (planned)
Nokia 3 (planned)
Nokia 3.1 (planned)
Nokia 5 (planned)
Nokia 5.1 (planned)
Nokia 6 (planned)
Nokia 6 2018 (planned)
Nokia 7 Plus (beta available)
Nokia 8 (planned)
Nokia 8 Sirocco (planned)


LG V30
LG V30 S ThinQ
LG G7 ThinQ


OnePlus 6 (beta available)
OnePlus 5
OnePlus 5T


Oppo R15 Pro (beta available)
Oppo Find X (compatible beta)


Galaxy S9 and S9 +
Glaxy S8 and S8 +
Galaxy Note 8
Galaxy A8 (2018)


Xperia XZ Premium
Xperia XZ2 (available in beta)
Xperia XZ2 Compact (available in beta)


Vivo X21UD (beta available)


Xiaomi Mi A1 (planned)
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s (beta available)

Android P 9.0: How to download the update

We are only at the beginning of Android P 9.0. The Developer Preview releases will run until July 2018 for a final release in the third quarter of 2018, certainly in August, as for Oreo last year. But when the update Android P 9.0 will be available on your smartphone, here is the procedure to install it:

Go to Settings on your smartphone or tablet
Select About device
Choose Software Update
Click Update

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Samsung Galaxy S10 could be launched in January 2019

Galaxy S10, future borderless champion? A photo of a smartphone prototype was shared by the Ice Universe leaker, which specializes in Samsung smartphone leaks. The next model in the S series could include a fingerprint sensor, a speaker and a photo sensor under the screen. Samsung Galaxy S10 could be unveiled by Samsung in January 2019.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 should be a turning point for Samsung, which has the ambition to hit hard after a disappointing S9 which is too close to the S8 proposal. One of the special features of the Galaxy S10 should be the presence of a truly borderless screen . The new champion in the field is for now the Oppo Find X, just presented and having a screen ratio of 93.8%.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Samsung could bet on everything borderless

New element to reinforce this hypothesis, a supposed prototype of Samsung Galaxy S10 shared by Ice Universe, the famous leaker that regularly gives us information about the next Samsung smartphones to come out. We notice that the borders are really very thin and that the slab occupies almost all the available space. Of course, more than six months before its release, its design is not yet definitively stopped but this photo allows us to see what it could look like and towards which direction the Korean brand seems to be heading.

It will therefore have to find room for some elements of the smartphone. In late May 2018, Android Hits reported that Samsung Galaxy S10 would be equipped with a built-in piezoelectric speaker on the screen . Another piece of information that made us say that Samsung is moving towards a borderless solution without notch. Samsung Galaxy S10 should also finally offer a fingerprint sensor under the screen , a technology expected from the manufacturer since several models already and finally seems to arrive.

Samsung Galaxy S10 could be launched in January 2019

But what about photo modules? Samsung could try to hide them directly under the screen too, along with another sensor for 3D facial recognition. Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected at the turn: we expect the innovation from Samsung, who does not really take risks recently. The smartphone could be launched in January 2019 , to make room for Samsung Galaxy X at the MWC 2019.

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With iOS 12, Apple will introduce a USB protection that will make it harder for companies like Grayshift to crack an iOS device. This has once again officially confirmed Apple yesterday . It seems, however, the cat and mouse game goes into the next round, since Grayshift has already indicated that you could already bypass the USB protection in iOS 12.

Grayshift: "We have already bypassed iOS 12 USB protection"

With iOS 12, Apple implements a new security feature that makes it harder to crack the device. If the protection is activated in the settings, the USB function of the Lightning port is automatically deactivated after one hour, if the device has not been unlocked with the passcode, Face ID or Touch ID in the meantime.

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In this way Apple wants to fend off Hackingmaßnahmen by boxes such as the GrayKey box. Security authorities who want to crack an iPhone, therefore, would have only one hour after the last unlocking of the device time to perform an appropriate hacking action.

Grayshift claims now in an e-mail correspondence that the company has already managed to circumvent the new USB protection of iOS 12. If the claim is true, a Brute Force attack on an iPhone could be possible on iOS 12 even if the USB protection is active and the device has not been unlocked for more than an hour.

bypass the USB protection in iOS 12.

From the outside it is difficult to assess whether Apple has fully implemented the USB protection with the iOS 12 Beta 1 , and whether Grayshift has actually found a way to circumvent this. In the coming months we will receive the answers. It is clear that Grayshift will do everything to continue to sell the 15,000-USD GrayKey boxes. (via motherboard )
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What to choose Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or 18.04 LTS

That's about to come out Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. About his impressive innovations can be learned from this magnificent article. But there is no release yet, and the phones in the editorial office are already hot - everyone wants to know whether to update or not at once, how will Bionic Beaver come out?

Our editorial staff interviewed the best rebels of the country and came to the conclusion that we do not need to be updated. Although this is called a release, in addition to the extended support time, we all know the quality of work from the Shuttleworth team. The best bubbitters of the country are advised to wait on April 18, 01 and then boldly updated.

Is there an exception to this rule? It turns out there is. If you are the lucky owner of a video card from AMD, then you need to update. The matter is that in 18.04 the opensor driver working out of a box is essentially improved. Some experts say that it is so good that you can even go to beta 18.04 for it without waiting and just update right after the final version is released.

And who does not need to be updated at all? To those who fell in love with Unity. At 16.04 there is still this magnificent shopping-shell, whereas in 18.04 there will already be a spiritless GNOME.

Researchers in the field of artificial intelligence should not be updated. According to the intelligence reports, TensorFlow requires CUDA, and CUDA at 18.04 is still not supported. Hurry with the upgrade you can not create Skynet.

So what should an average Ubuntu user do? Wait for the first point-release 18.04 and be updated.

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Is it possible to speed up the Internet at all? Easily! Below is a simple set of measures that allows you to significantly increase the speed of the Internet in Windows.

Is it possible to speed up the Internet at all? Easily! Below is a simple set of measures that allows you to significantly increase the speed of the Internet in Windows.

Potential for acceleration 

For example, if you have 10 Mbps in a contract with a provider, in reality you will get a download speed somewhere at the level of 1 megabyte per second, or even lower. The fact is that Windows has a QoS service that can reserve up to 20% of its speed for its tasks. And the browser is waiting for a response from DNS-servers. And in the running cases, the browser can be turned off hardware acceleration of page rendering. And then web-surfing turns into anguish. Therefore, if you disable QoS, enable DNS query caching, and enable hardware acceleration in the browser, the speed of the Internet can grow at times.

The easiest way to speed up the Internet in Windows 

The easiest and safest way to disable QoS and add 20% to speed is to edit the security policy. You do not need to go into the registry and risk the performance of the entire computer, just remove one tick in the convenient settings editor.

So, click "Start" → "Run" and enter the name: gpedit.msc. The Security Policy Editor opens. We successively go on the following route: "Computer Configuration" → "Administrative Templates" → "Network" → " QoS Packet Scheduler ". Enable "Limit redundant bandwidth," but specify 0% as a reserve. Done.

Increase DNS cache for network acceleration 

The role of the DNS cache is to store the IP addresses of all Internet sites that you visit most often. If you have a tendency to very often visit certain Internet resources (for example social networks VK, Facebook, Twiter, various blogs or multimedia resources of YouTube, StumbleUpon), then the increase in the DNS cache of your browser should be positive for download speed of these Internet pages. To increase the size of the cache, you must perform the following actions:

Click on the "Start" button, type in the search word "regedit" and press the Enter key. You need to start the Registry Editor. Then in the editor you need to go the following way:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ DNScache \ Parameters

Next, right-click the mouse to add the following four DWORDs:


And assign them the following values:

CacheHashTableBucketSize - set the value to 1
CacheHashTableSize - set the value to 384
MaxCacheEntryTtlLimit - set the value to 64000
MaxSOACacheEntryTtlLimit - set the value to 301

Next, you must restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

Speed ​​up the Internet by disabling QoS 

As it became known, in XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 there is a system for reserving the width of the Internet channel. This system (QoS Reserved Bandwidth Limit) specifically limits your traffic to allow normal operation and the transmission of traffic to higher priority applications, such as Update Center or other priority components. The width of the reserved channel is about 20% of the maximum speed of your Internet. That is, with this restriction, you really only use 80% of the speed that the provider provides to you. Therefore, changing this percentage can significantly accelerate the work of your browser and downloading the Internet pages. In order to reduce the width of the reserved channel in Windows 7, you must perform the following actions:

As in the previous case, click on the "Start" button, type in the search word "regedit" and press the Enter key. You need to start the Registry Editor. Then in the editor you need to go the following way:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft

Then right in the left window on the key "Windows" create a new key (Key) under the name "Psched" as it is shown in the picture:

Now right-click on the newly created key in the left part of the window and create a new parameter of type "DWORD" and give it the name "NonBestEffortLimit". To disable the channel reservation, set the "NonBestEffortLimit" key to "0".

Disabling TCP autoconfiguration 

In Windows 7, the auto-tuning function is enabled by default. This function can be one of the reasons why some individual sites or Internet services can be slowly loaded, since this function does not work effectively with a large number of different servers for speed of access. In order to disable the autoconfiguration of TCP, you must run the command prompt on behalf of the administrator and enter the following command into it:
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel = disabled

Next, you must close the command prompt and reboot the computer for the changes to take effect.
In order to return the autoconfiguration of TCP, you need to enter the following command at the command line (running as administrator):
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel = normal
And then reboot the computer. 

Hardware browser acceleration 

In some cases, you may have noticed that viewing certain specific Internet pages from your browser is much slower than in previous versions of the same browser. This may be due to the fact that at the moment your browser uses the software rendering mode instead of the GPU rendering mode by default (that is, rendering using hardware acceleration with the help of a graphics processor). This can happen with users who have outdated video cards or drivers to them, which in turn do not support or cease to support hardware acceleration of the GPU. A possible solution to this problem may be to install the latest version of the video adapter driver, which supports GPU hardware acceleration.

If this problem has not been solved by installing the last driver for the video card, the only way out of this situation may be to replace the current video card with a newer one, which will support hardware acceleration with the help of the GPU.

But you can see in what mode your browser works. This, as a rule, can be viewed in the advanced settings of the browser, and more specifically the hardware acceleration option.

An example of how to see whether hardware acceleration is enabled for Internet Explorer :
  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to the settings menu "Tools -> Internet Options"
  2. On the Advanced tab, you should see an option to speed up graphics.
Now make sure that the check box is selected next to the option "Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering." If the box is checked, then Internet Explorer uses the software rendering mode. Select the checkbox if you want IE to go into GPU rendering mode. If this option is grayed out and does not change, then your video card or its driver does not support hardware acceleration for the browser.
An example of how to see whether hardware acceleration is enabled for Mozilla Firefox

Launch Firefox and open the browser settings using the "Tools -> Options" menu.
Click on the "Advanced" tab, where you should see the "Browsing" section on the "General" tab. In this section there is an option called "If possible, use hardware acceleration" (use hardware acceleration when available). If this option is not selected, then your browser uses the software rendering mode. Check the box to enable Firefox to start using hardware acceleration if its graphics subsystem supports it.

How to Speed ​​Up Internet in Windows 8 with NameBench 

When your browser tries to access the site, it first accesses the DNS name server. The problem is that this server is physically located at your ISP. And what are the small commercial companies famous for? That's right - the desire to save on everything. Therefore, the equipment for DNS service is bought weak. Well, you are trying to enter the site, the browser is accessing the slow DNS server of the provider and there is a delay, which can take several seconds. And now remember that every page of the site can contain pictures, videos, Flash, etc. from other sites. This again DNS requests to the slow server. As a result, the losses are added and the deceleration becomes noticeable. What to do? The answer is obvious: you need to use the fastest DNS servers. Find them and help the program NameBench .

What are we waiting for? Download the NameBench program(free) and run it. Installation is not required. After starting, specify your country, the browser you are using and click the Start Benchmark button. The program will try several dozen DNS-servers and select the fastest for you. On average, you can find a server that runs 2-3 times faster than your ISP's DNS.

After NameBench finds the smartest DNS, you will be shown the IP address of this server. It's something you need to register in the connection settings. Everything is as usual:

How to speed up the Internet in Windows 7, 8 ,10

You will be pleasantly surprised when you notice that the Internet has become much faster!