keylogger , bug in the audio driver of more than 25 ,hp,computers,models can allow, keystrokes to be recorded on the keyboard.

A bug in the audio driver of more than 25 hp computer models, including the EliteBook, ProBook and ZBook, can allow keystrokes to be recorded on the keyboard.

HP removes a keylogger bug affecting some laptops

A hidden keylogger in an audio driver in HP PCs

HP notebook owners who accidentally triggered keystroke logging can easily resolve this issue by applying the patch deployed by the manufacturer. It was the Swiss security firm Modzero who delivered the information last Thursday. According to its release, a bug in the audio driver of more than 25 HP computers models, including the EliteBook, ProBook and ZBook, allows keystroke recording, just like a spyware Kind keyloggerThe list of machines concerned can be consulted here .

Luckily, hp began deploying patches Thursday via its support page, and the patches will also be accessible via Windows Update, as hp vice president Mike Nash said. The problem involves a series of HP laptops manufactured from 2015 onwards. Some machines have stored all keystrokes (keylogger)in a file stored on the PC. Sometimes the bug passes keystrokes to a Windows debugging interface on the machine, potentially exposing the data.

A bug in the hp audio driver 

"It was the security company Modzero who discovered the problem last month and reported it to HP. As a result, we investigated the bug and developed a fix, "said Nash in an interview. "A debug code introduced to help us solve a problem was left in error in the audio driver," he explained. "It was involuntary." The HP patch removes the keylogger in audio driver flaw and also deletes the file in which keystrokes have been stored.

The first fixes released by HP on Thursday were portable machines shipped in 2016 and 2017. Other patches released on Friday were computers shipped in 2015. Users can download the corrected audio driver on the HP support page for each model of the hp- laptop"The upgrade will also be possible through Windows Update," said HP's vice president. "HP contacted Conexant, the audio driver provider, to solve the problem. It was his responsibility to identify and remove the code, "said Nash, adding that HP would ensure that this kind of accident" will not happen again ".

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