Post images directly from a browser without using the Instagram application, a feature that is extremely easy to use for Chrome users.and desktop computer

Instagram: How to Post Photos On His Account From a Computer?

A recent update to the Instagram website has brought a feature for which iPad and desktop users around the world have been desperate from the start. You can now upload images directly from a browser without using the Instagram application, a feature that is extremely easy to use for Chrome users.

Today, if you want to upload images directly from a PC, Mac or even a Chromebook, you can do so without first having to transfer the images to your phone. This is also great news for iPad users who, until now, were restricted to using a bad iPhone version of the application to access the service from their laptop.

Recently added support for loading photos from mobile browsers makes Instagram accessible to more users around the world, ending dependence on expensive mobile phones and application downloads when mobile data could not Not be accessible at low cost. However, several features are still missing in the mobile browser's interface, such as live video, stories and the ability to apply filters, which are all very popular features of Instagram.
Moreover, Instagram does not completely embrace the idea of ​​transferring from the desktop at the moment because it is only the mobile version of the website that currently allows this. Using Instagram from a normal desktop browser will not allow image transfer, unless you do a little tinker first.
To transfer from a desktop browser, you need to manually select the mobile version of Since there is no "" URL accessible through this, you need to take at least one step to get there. Fortunately, it's incredibly easy on the Google Chrome browser, thanks to its built-in mobile mode. Simply press Ctrl-Shift-I to bring up the Chrome developer window (you can safely ignore the intimidating encoding package it contains) and then press Ctrl-Shift-M to Move to the mobile version of the site. You may then need to redefine the size of the windows to see the Instagram page clearly. To return to the desktop version, press Ctrl-Shift-I again to close developer mode,
Instagram: How To Post Photos On Instagram From A Computer?

Switch to mobile mode 

On other browsers such as Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, you will need to manually change the user agent setting in the browser.
The user agent string sent by your browser to each web page request identifies the type of browser and operating system you use so that the website can adapt its pages so that they work well with Your device. By changing this setting, you can flout Instagram into believing that you are connecting from a mobile device. The result will be that the mobile version of the page will be generated for you, featuring the new image loading feature.
Another simple method is to install an extension like User-Agent Switcher for Chrome, which will allow you to change the user agent setting at will. Similar add-ins are available for other users, such as the above for Firefox. Safari users can change the setting by activating the "Developer menu" and then selecting the User Agent option.
If you want to mimic Instagram's artistic filters, there are many alternatives available for office use.

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