To know everything about the iPhone 7s & iPhone 7s Plus: its price, its characteristics, its technical sheet but also its release date.

IPhone 7s &  iPhone 7s Plus: release date, prices and features of Apple's smartphone

IPhone 7s &  iPhone 7s Plus: release date, prices and features of Apple's smartphone

To know everything about iPhone 7s &  iPhone 7s Plus: its price, its characteristics, its technical sheet but also its release date. 

Release date :

The release date  has not yet been officially unveiled by Apple.  If we follow the release schedule of Apple's smartphones, the flagship should see the light in September 2017 . However, due to production delays, iPhone 7s &  iPhone 7s Plus could see  its output shifted by one or several months , in October or November . 

Two other devices should see the light at the end of the year: iPhone 7s  and iPhone 7s Plus .


The price of iPhone 7s &  iPhone 7s Plus has not yet been communicated by Apple. As a reminder, the cheapest version of iPhone 7 was sold at the price of 769 € when it came out.

According to some analysts, could be the most expensive iPhone in history ! Indeed, new materials more expensive to manufacture    would raise the price up to more than $ 1,000 in the United States , an equivalent in Europe of 1200 € !


The  design  should be very similar to that of iPhone 4. The future Apple smartphone would have a  metal frame between two glass plates . In addition to taking back one of the favorite designs of fans of the brand to the apple, this nostalgic momentum is also a way to celebrate the ten years of iPhone range.

According to the iDropNews specialist website that unveiled  a series of shell models , iPhone 7s &  iPhone 7s Plus would have the following dimensions: 143.59 x 70.94 x 7.57. It will be  larger than iPhone 7  but  smaller than iPhone 7 Plus .

- A query surrounds the  fingerprint reader . Apple is currently looking to integrate it directly under the screen but the technology still seems complicated to master. According to analysts, it may be that the sensor is relocated to the back of the device, like the Galaxy S8. This is shown by a  leaked pattern on Twitter .


iPhone 7s &  iPhone 7s Plus will have a 5.8-inch OLED display.  However, the display area will actually only represent 5.15 inches, the rest being  used for a functional area with virtual buttons . The screen will be edge-to-edge but there is uncertainty as to whether it is flat or curved at the sides.

disappearance of the Home button  ! Apple is currently looking for an alternative. Several prototypes are being tested by the Cupertino firm, as the  wheel of the Apple Watch . However, the presence of a Touch Bar  like that of the MacBook Pro  seems to be clear  !

battery autonomy :

The battery would thus have a capacity of 2700 mAh.

First reproach of the users, the autonomy should be improved compared to that of the iPhone 7 . The battery would thus have a capacity of 2700 mAh.

iPhone 7swill finally be equipped with a  fast charging . It would offer five hours of autonomy for five hours of charge! A wireless charging  system should also be in place . A first prototype in the form of chip  has already been set up .
However, according to the latest rumors, the base allowing induction recharge would be  sold separately, at the price of 60 euros .

Technical Features:

IPhone 7s &  iPhone 7s Plus: release date, prices and features of Apple's smartphone

will be equipped with Apple 's  new operating system ,  iOS 11 . This one should see the day in September with the new smartphones of the mark. It was  officially presented by Apple at the WWDC  on June 5th.
After IP67 certification of iPhone 7, and should receive IP68 certification . This means it will be resistant to water and dust . will be waterproof up to 1.5m deep for 30 minutes.
could be equipped with a Smart Connector  similar to the one on the iPad Pro. It would thus facilitate the  wireless recharge  and could accompany the output of a   virtual reality helmet .  

Apple is in the process of preparing a complete redesign of  TouchID, including the possibility of installing facial recognition  and IRISscanner.  
Li-fi technology , a hundred times faster than Wi-Fi,  should be available for iPhone 7s &  iPhone 7s Plus .

Photos and videos:

The  first pictures of iPhone 7s &  iPhone 7s Plus  were unveiled by the American media BGR! These are real images of a model of the future smartphone Apple . They confirm most of the rumors surrounding the flagship.
A  model was presented by Unbox Therapy . It was realized with a 3D printer, scrupulously respecting the last rumors. Nothing guarantees, however, that this prototype is identical to the final rendering of the smartphone Apple.

 iPhone 7s  leaked on the Chinese social network Weibo . There are differences in the photo sensor (placed vertically or horizontally).
The video of a  model of iPhone 7s was unveiled on the internet. It reveals a  mysterious button on the edge of the device  that could correspond to the new placement of the biometric sensor.
A  new model has leaked. It is  accompanied by a leather shell  similar to those of Apple. One finds again a borderless screen, the disappearance of the home button and a double photo sensor.

News on iPhone 7s &  iPhone 7s Plus

iPhone 7s  could finally change its name! For the ten years of iPhone range, Apple wants to mark the coup in 2017. iPhone 7s &  iPhone 7s Plus could thus be called  iPhone X  or  iPhone Edition . The smartphone  currently carries the nickname  "Ferrari"  in the Cupertino premises.

70 million OLED screens were ordered by Apple to Samsung . The figure is expected to rise to 95 million by the end of the year. These would be similar to the Galaxy S8  : borderless and with curved edges.

The production of the new processor A11 , engraved in 10nm, began in April . This will be handled by the TSMC subcontractor TSMC. 50 million copies are expected by the end of July, then double by the end of the year.

According to the Japanese site Macotakara, iPhone 7s &  iPhone 7s Plus  might not be released in 2017 , to make way for a high-end limited edition model ! The info is however to be taken with tweezers. 

A limited stock of iPhone 7s &  iPhone 7s Plus could be put on sale on the day of release. This would create  great delays from pre-orders . 

The future Apple smartphone could have a helmet for virtual reality . This would allow the  appearance of holograms in augmented reality . 

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