With our selection of the best Android games of the month, you will have no excuse for not playing on your smartphone or tablet

We are now at the beginning of June. It is therefore time to turn our gaze on the various releases on the Play Store that took place during the month of june . The goal ? Obviously you will flush out the best titles that you could have missed during this one!
From action games to adventure games, free titles that are easiest to enjoy on a bus ride with the longest titles to use hours at home, here are all the Android games that you should not Missing in the month of june!

Injustice 2

On consoles, the month of May was the occasion to find the release of a very big game of Warner Bros. Injustice 2, following the adventures of the heroes of DC Comics in a parallel universe where Superman became a tyrant. And as was the case for the first game, this second episode has the right to its mobile game. The fighting game will allow you to create your team of 3 Superheroes or DC Supervisors in order to confront hordes of enemies in a loop. The story mode of the game, unlocked over time, even allows you to follow the same scenario as the console version! With its tons of characters and equipment to unlock, you have before you hours and hours of play.

Pokémon: Magicarpe Jump

You thought that Pokémon Go would be the only Pokémon game on mobile coming from home? Understand, since we also have the right this month to ... Magicarpe Jump. A game that forces you to train your Magicarpe, the most rotten Pokémon, so that he can jump as high as possible. A stupid and funny game like we do more, with the icon in spite of him of the saga Pokémon in star.


It's no secret that the classic board games of our childhood have become the best mobile games over time. And who is against a small part of Pictionary from time to time? The license officially reverts to mobile with its own application, when its gameplay has already been recovered many times by third-party developers. The goal ? Make guess a word with a simple drawing! Playable online and with friends, it guarantees you endless fun.

Riven: the sequel to Myst

We had already warned you during a previous top of the release of Myst on mobile, a full and faithful portage of the PC puzzle game having conquered a whole generation. It's its direct suite, Riven, which is now available on mobile! As for the previous portage, it is an invitation to the journey that awaits you, the aim being to explore the island in order to find the mysteries that it contains. A faithful adaptation mixes a redesigned interface for the mobile that leaves the image beautiful.

Kill Shot Virus

Can we really get tired of shooting zombies with guns? It must be believed that not since the titles of the sort still abound on the Play Store. Among them, Kill Shot Virus still stands out as a reference with well-constructed gameplay and beautiful graphics that will keep you long in breath. The game even offers a cooperative mode allowing you to confront hordes with your friends online! Perfect to relax between friends, especially since the download of the game is free!

Battle Bay

Kind to spend your evenings and weekends on League of Legends or DOTA? And if you also spend your free time in transport on a MOBA? This is the proposal that you now make Rovio, the studio creator of the license Angry Birds. But here, no question of taking as a hero a martial arts master or a demo of ancient times. Here you will take control of ... boats. Your goal is of course to take control of the different points of the map, in team. You can create your clan, acquire items and upgrades for your boats, and parties usually get done very quickly. Practical for mobile!

Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore

Star Wars is now back in the collective unconscious while the third trilogy is unveiled year after year. The opportunity for a particular kind of game to come back on the scene: the sim space. And at this game, side arcade, the license Galaxy On Fire sends heavy on mobile by putting you in the skin of a spacecraft pilot. The graphics are excellent, the controls meet perfection and it must be said: the game is simply enjoyable.

Milkmaid of the Milky Way

What better than a little point'n'click on mobile? Fortunately, in addition to the glories of the past that convert their PC version, new actors come to offer us new visions of what gender is. Milkmaid of the Milky Way focuses on the strange but friendly story of a girl and ... aliens? All in a retro / pixel style very assumed that delights the pupils.

Golf OK

No link with the group having (almost) the same name of course. OK Golf is a game of golf all that is more simplistic inspired by the gameplay of yesteryear to make us enter the small ball in its hole with the least possible shots. The advantage of the game is that it can be played to several by simply passing his laptop, perfect for sessions on the go with his loved ones.

To the Moon

Another game of reflection and point'n'click of course, but with a very interesting premise: you play the role of two scientists whose mission is to remodel a man's memory to make him live his dreams. Its graphics in pixel recalling the time of Zelda 3 or Breath of Fire make it all the charm, for a very atmospheric and relaxing game which will offer you many puzzles.
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