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Minecraft is a game in which, you will realize several constructions. It is also a puzzle game that takes place in a world developed in 3D. Minecraft is a game that offers a solo mode and a multiplayer mode. This allows you to create cities.

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It is a game that is played in the first person during the creation and in the third person when you make explorations. It is possible to create maps randomly or build them separately. After you have built the card, you must protect it from monsters that launch attacks or even visit it to search for secret passages, weapons, tools, materials, in order to survive ...
Minecraft offers to play this game on PC or on Mac (Link:  Minecraft for Mac ) but you must have installed Java. In Minecraft you have 1000 points of Gamescore and 44 wins. On the other hand, Minecraft gives you the possibility to save the games played online. In addition, the game offers you controllers for control, tactile options, keyboard, mouse. You will also play in different environments like snow, thunderstorms.

In the game you also have zombies, pigs, skeletons, golems, sheep, potions and others. To be discovered imperatively.

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