How to solve or, Reset Windows7, Update, problems?This simplest solutions are the best, so I use the Windows tool to ,troubleshoot Windows Update ,problems in the first instance.

How to solve or Reset Windows 7 Update problems?


Nothing new in this article, I do only a synthesis of articles that I have already published by adding some basic procedures or via the use of external tools.

1 - Often the simplest solutions are the best, so I use the Windows tool to troubleshoot Windows Update problems in the first instance.

Start >> Control Panel >> Service Center >> Troubleshooting >> Solve related problems To Windows Updatelaunch the tool and click "Advanced" to run the procedure as Administrator.

OR Download troubleshooter for Windows 7 and Windows 8

OR Use Microsoft Online Troubleshooter to correct Windows update errors. (Not tested)

You only have to select the version of Windows that you are running. This online troubleshooting tool supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7.

2 - Perform theinstallation of the updates in standalone mode (manual), by downloading Updates on the Microsoft Update catalog: Microsoft Update Catalog

Updates to download: ( The SP1 package must be installed ) 

KB3020369 Updating the April 2015 Processing Stack for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2
KB3050265 Windows Update Client for Windows 7: June 2015
KB3065987 Windows Update Client Update for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: July 2015
KB3102810 Fixes the problem of endless searching, svchost processes and abnormal memory consumption ...
KB3125574 Update Pack for Windows 7, combining security patches released between February 2011 and April 2016 " Service Pack 2 "
KB3135445 Windows Update client for Windows 7: February 2016
KB3138612 Windows Update Client Update for Windows 7: MARS 2016
KB3139929 Cumulative Update
KB3172605 Hotfixes for July 2016
KB3177467 Servicing stack update for Windows 7 SP1
KB3184143 GWX Removal
KB3185911 Security Update for Windows Graphics Component-September 2016
KB3197868 Monthly Cumulative Security Quality Patch, November 2016
KB947821 System- compliant installation scan tool for system updates for Windows 7

Important:To prevent KBs from being installed in standalone mode when they are looping for the update search, open a command prompt as an administrator, and then issue the following command: net stop wuauserv

Repeat this command before installing each update, and follow the installation order in the tutorials provided.

3 - If the 2 previous solutions do not give the expected result, one then proceeds to the use of the Fix MicrosoftFixit50123.msi

Restart the PC for the correct consideration of the Fix. In my case this fix has often allowed me to solve the problems of Windows Update in W7

4 - Another solution is thereset of Windows Updatevia3 versions of script + 1 to register the Windows Update DLLs
SaveDLL-Windows Update.bat

For the third script (not tested) see the following link: Reset-WindowsUpdate.ps1 (TechNet)

If you do not rename the SoftwareDistribution folder as a .oldin the script, switch to safe mode and manually rename it, and restart in normal mode, a new SoftwareDistribution folder will be automatically re-created.

Manual Procedure to solve Windows 7 Update problems 

Disable antivirus and firewall
Open the Services Console (Start >> Run >> services.msc ) and then stop and disable the Windows Update service
Delete the contents of the following folders:
C: \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution \ Download
C: \ WINDOWS \ SoftwareDistribution \ DataStore

Next, you must remove the qmgr * .dat files . To reset Windows Update components, you must delete the files. To do this, open an admin prompt , and type or copy / paste the following command, and then press ENTER : Del "% ALLUSERSPROFILE% \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Network \ Downloader \ qmgr * .dat"

Reset Winsock.

This is a technical specification that defines how Windows networking software must access network services, especially TCP / IP. Windows OS comes with a Dynamic Link Library (DLL ) file called winsock.dll that implements the API and coordinates Windows programs and TCP / IP connections. Due to a few different reasons, Windows Sockets popularly known as " Winsock " can be corrupted. As such, a user may have difficulty establishing a connection to the Internet. It therefore becomes necessary to repair Winsock by resetting it. To do this, in the admin prompt window, type the following command, and then press ENTER : netsh winsock reset
Reactivate antivirus and firewall
Then perform a cleanup of the superfluous files with CCleaner ( /! \ Disables System Monitoring in Options >Monitoring and does not use Registry Cleaner )
Open the Services Console again , then set the following Services as follows:
Windows Update: Startup type: Manual - Status:Started (same as before shutdown and deactivation )
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) - Startup Type:Automatic - Status: Started
COM + Event System - Startup Type: Automatic - Status: Started
Intelligent Transfer Service in Background - Startup Type: Manual - Status: Started
Rebooting the PC 

Then try to update again via Windows Update 

If there is still a problem, open an admin command prompt window and type or copy / paste the following command and press ENTER:

Ren c: \ windows \ winsxs \ pending.xml pending.old

This will rename the pending file .xml to pending.old . Try again. Clear the BITS queue for all current operations. To do this, type or copy / paste the following into an admin command prompt and validate with Enter : bitsadmin.exe / reset / allusers Restart and retry a test. If still no positive results,

Delete the incorrect registry values.
WARNING ! : Manipulating the registry (BDR) is sometimes dangerous it is better to save it before any modification. ( Save the registry quickly ) Also perform a restore point and / or disk image as a precaution. Open Registry Editor( regedit.exe ) and navigate to the following key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ COMPONENTSRight-clickCOMPONENTS. In the right pane, delete the following items if they exist:

Restart your PC and try downloading and installing updates

You can also use WSUS Offline Update, a free utility that allows you to download updates ( Windows, Office, Windows Defender ) and automate the update process without dead time (creating a media like Or a folder accessible through the network to share and run updates).

It can partially replace Windows Windows.

WSUS Offline Update does not solve Windows Update problems on Windows 7, but can be used to install a maximum update and eventually unblock Windows Update.

5 - Using theWindows Update Agent Reset Utility: Resetting the Windows Update Agent

6 - Using theWindows Repairtool from :

In general, most of the tools available as an application only apply the same type of script mentioned above, and these applications are not limited to Windows Update troubleshooting .

7 - Finally to solve mainly the infinite search of Windows Update, there are two possible solutions

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