jailbreak of iPhone and iPad is becoming increasingly rare, with outputs increasingly scattered and less and less functional.
 jailbreak of iPhone and iPad is becoming increasingly rare, with outputs increasingly scattered and less and less functional. Saurik, creator of Cydia and other hackers who participated in the development of jailbreaks explain why the unlocking or "rooting" of the iPhone and iPad is a practice endangered if it is almost disappeared. 

iPhone jailbreak is dead, hackers explain why?

It now seems far away, the time when it was common to jailbreak its iPhone or iPad to endow it with new features. For several years, the exits of jailbreak are becoming more and more rare. And when the jailbreaks come out, they are not always 100% functional . Historical jailbreak officials have told Motherboard the reason why the jailbreak is dying.
Saurik, the creator of Lydia launches for example: "why jailbreakez you in the end? ". And to continue by explaining that in the past one could gain important features while today we must content ourselves with a "small modification". Comex, the creator of the site Jailbreakme.com considers for its part that the jailbreak is already dead and buried, especially since Luca Todesco (qwertyuiop) has abandoned the market.

The jailbreak of iPhone and iPad is dead, here's why

So how to explain this desertion? In fact, there is first of all the obvious: the jailbreak has less and less reason to be, simply because iOS has integrated features that were previously only available via jailbreak. The first firmwares for the iPhone were in contrast very limited, and lacked features like copy / paste, the ability to put any image in the background, or even games.
There is also the fact that Apple and hackers are faced with the game of chatting and mouse, the vulnerabilities are becoming more and more difficult to find in iOS. And the elders of the stage now prefer to sell them several million dollars than to offer them for free. Since then, the small middle of the jailbreak has thus melted into the security industry and some have even been hired by Apple.
In addition, jailbreaking compromises the security of iOS, one of the most secure mobile operating systems (if not the system). So, today, the end of the jailbreak seems inevitable: fewer and fewer users are interested, and as a result fewer developers code new tweaks. In turn, as the supply becomes poorer, fewer and fewer users are interested in the jailbreak.
As incredible as it sounds: Apple has won.
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