How to download install Adobe Flash Player on Android Smartphones

Download install Adobe Flash Player on Android phones

How to install Adobe Flash Player on Android Devices
It's been a long time since Android abandoned Adobe Flash in favor of HTML5, in order to provide a better, faster and safer browsing experience. Of course, there is still a lot of content on the web that uses Flash. If you want to have access to this legacy content on your mobile device, there are several jobs that will bring back the Adobe Flash experience. Although there are a number of ways to do the job, the simplest and most reliable is using Dolphin Browser.

Not only Dolphin Browser is an excellent web browser, but it requires far fewer steps for Flash to start. For those who think, "I can not install Flash manually and continue to use Chrome?" "- unfortunately, the answer is no. Chrome does not support flash, even if you need to install Flash APK on your device. This means that you must use a third-party browser.

Dolphin Browser: Installation and Configuration

How to install Adobe Flash Player on Android Devices

The first step for Flash to work is to direct you to Google Play and download Dolphin BrowserOnce downloaded, you want to open Dolphin and enter the settings menu by tapping the Dolphin icon in the browserFrom there, you'll find an option that says Flash Player, and you'll always want to set it up.

The next step is to navigate to a page that uses Flash Player. If you do not find a specific page, simply type "Adobe Flash Test" in Google and you are forced to find something. When the page tries to use Flash, it will ask you to download Adobe Flash APKYou will have to "install from unknown sources" checked in the Android configuration menu, but otherwise all you need to do is click install and follow the browser.

Tip:  To enable third-party APKs, navigate to your Android device settings> Security and make sure to check the Unknown sources box. 

Once everything is installed, that's all. Adobe Flash Player should now run on your Android device!


Puffin Browser: Installation and Configuration

How to install Adobe Flash Player on Android Devices

Although we personally recommend the Dolphin Browser, there is more than one way to get the job done, as mentioned above. Another easy solution is to simply download Puffin BrowserWith Puffin, you do not need to install the Adobe Flash APK at all and the Flash media is activated out of the box.
So, why do we recommend Dolphin on this, although the former requires a few extra steps? The way Puffin works is that it makes Flash content in the cloud instead of local, translating it so that it is read on your device. This may be a hassle-free method, but it is also more hasty and therefore does not provide as much experience as Dolphin.
Still, if you are absolutely looking for the simplest method, Puffin might work for you.

What is your favorite method?

These are just two ways to get Adobe Flash support for your Android deviceWhich of the above methods do you prefer? Or is there another method / browser you would recommend on the two options provided in this fast mode? Please let us know in the comments.
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