13 January 2018

AMD will prepare security updates for processors

AMD ensures that the owners of their systems do not have tofeel threatened, and the update being released should also ensure security of the systems.

While Intel continues to fight against the threats named Specter and Meltdown , AMD ensures that the owners of their systems do not have tofeel threatened, and the update being released should also ensure security of the systems. 

Last week Microsoft released an update for Windows, which was supposed to protect computers . As it turned out, these patches seemed to be problematicfor some systems from AMD , so the manufacturer decided to take matters into their own hands. 

As the manufacturer informed, own corrections were developedthat concern Specter. AMD also announced that the threat caused by Meltdown does not affect their CPUs, and the reason is the difference in architecture between their CPU and Intel. 

At the same time, AMD said Microsoft was already making the patch available for the Ryzen and EPYC processors , and an upgrade covering older systems such as Opteron , Athlon and Turion X2 Ultra will be available next week. This information relates to the firstvariant of Specter, when it comes to the second, microcode updates for the Ryzen and EPYC layouts will be communicated to the partners later this week . For other CPUs, they will appear in the coming weeks. 

Source: The Verge

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