How to download ,your Google+ data directly to your computer or smartphone before, April 2, 2019, The purpose of this article will be to show you how to download your ,Google+ data, in just a few clicks!

 The purpose of this article will be to show you how to download your Google+ data in just a few clicks!

Google+ is deadYou are all invited to participate in the funeral and burial ceremony. No, relax. I was joking a little ...

I was joking ? Maybe a little, but not totally. A few days ago, Google officially announced that its social network Google+ will be closed very soon, April 2, 2019 to be precise. On this date,  Google+ will definitively close its doors. Oh my God, it's horrible!

When we wait for something to close, especially when it's a Google service, it means that it is likely to lose data from users. If you have a Google+ account and use it often enough, you're at a great risk of losing your data forever (your photos, videos, important comments, etc.).

Fortunately for you, Google has not forgotten you. He has thought of you by giving you the opportunity to download your Google+ data directly to your computer or smartphone before April 2, 2019 . The purpose of this article will be to show you how to download your Google+ data in just a few clicks!

Why does Google decide to dissolve its Google+ social network?

I'm sure you're asking yourself this question: "Why does Google decide to close the doors of its Google+ social network?"   Well, I'll tell you the main reason the Mountain View giant made that decision ...

Google has decided to permanently close its beautiful social network Google+ mainly because of its low use by Internet users. Indeed, people prefer to turn to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to the detriment of Google+.

Google accepted the defeat and realized that the Google+ project was no longer promising and deserved to be closed. The business of Larry Page and Sergey Brin understood that we can not succeed everywhere ... Their successes are incomparable when it comes to their Google search engine, their Android operating system, their Gmail email service or even their geolocation service Google Maps .
With all these achievements mentioned above, Google also wanted to succeed with a social network? No, it was not possible. Facebook and Twitter are sitting well and are not ready to give way at all.

Well, enough talk ... Now let's see How to Download Google+ Data so you do not lose it (forever). Anyway, if you want to know more about closing Google+, visit this page .

Download Google+ Data, how to get started ...

It's time for me to show you how to download your Google+ data in just a few clicks. Follow the steps below to get there:

Step 1 : First, you must be signed in to your Google Account

The first thing you need to do (after you sign in to your Google Account) is to go to this Google+ data download page . Are you there? OK, go to the next step ...

Step 2 : Select or deselect the Google+ info of your choice

You now have the choice to select or deselect the Google+ information of your choice. Click on the small levers just to the right to make your choices ( Google+ +1 on websites, Google+ circles, Google+ Communities and Google+ feeds ).

 Google+ +1 on websites, Google+ circles, Google+ Communities and Google+ feeds ).

Did you make your choices? Now click on the "Next" button and follow the steps below ...

Step 3 : Select the file type for your download

At this point, you must now choose the type of your file. I advise you to take the .ZIP (it is also proposed by default). Then choose the maximum size of your archive (.zip file) and finally, choose how to send your archive ( either directly by email, on Google Drive, DropBox or Box ).

Download the archive Google+ Closure

Then click on the blue CREATE AN ARCHIVE button If you have chosen to send the download link by e-mail as Sending mode, I invite you to go check in your mailbox and you will see the download link sent by Google.

Click on the link " Download the archive " that was sent to you by email and if all goes well, your download will start. You will be asked to sign in to your Google Account (by entering your password).

As of February 4, 2019 , users no longer have the option to create a Google+ account. From March 7

And now ... you now have all your Google+ data on your device, and you have nothing to worry about losing them.
Note  : As of February 4, 2019 , users no longer have the option to create a Google+ account. From March 7, it will not be possible to post a comment and finally on April 2, 2019 (a historic date), Google+ is definitely dissolved!
If you have nothing left to lose and want to delete your Google+ profile now, here's how .

Conclusion of the article ...

I just wanted to share this tip with you in case you did not get the message from Google in your mailbox that was going to inform you that the Google+ social network would be sold out, or if you just were not informed about it. topic.

The goal was to prevent you from losing your Google+ data. If this article was useful to you, thank you to share it with your entourage via social networks. A +

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